Your student party in Bassment

Celebrate any of your association milestones with the craziest parties of up to 200 guests!


With professional lighting, state of the art DJ equipment and sound-system, 24-hour licence, qualified security personnel and trained staff, Bassment Utrecht can host any type of student party! What are you waiting for?


Give your fraternity/sorority a night you will never forget by choosing Bassment for your event. We'll provide a complete club infrastructure; the rest is in your hands. Imagine the craziest night and we'll help you to make it a success.

Public or private parties

A public party where anyone can enter with a valid ticket is a fantastic way to meet new students. However, a party where only your association can enter with a valid invitation is the best way to meet up with your friends!

case study: Private student association party

In September, we’ve been contacted by a student association known as VVS Uranymus to imagine with them a crazy “introparty” in Utrecht. We have no words (and for sure no pictures) to tell you how crazy it was. More than 150 students were gathered in Bassment all disguised for an insane dancing night. 

And for 16+ teenagers, party is also ON, but without alcohol, thanks to our security personnel and trained staff, that make sure no legal issues will trouble your fun.

Time to enjoy your student life! 

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