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As an artist, create the coolest public or private events in Utrecht and make them a success in Bassment! 


You are a young, talented DJ (or DJ collective), trying to reach for the stars? Well, Bassment Utrecht can give you a perfect opportunity to grow your fan base, performing in a nightclub with a capacity of up to 200 people.

All music artists

All starting artists need help to start to play live in front of crowds. Bassment Utrecht can offer you the perfect club vibe, with a great customizable setting of music and lighting. A good way to seduce your core and potential fans!

Other performers

Want to show the world about your talents? Dancing shows, art exhibitions, rap battles, street performance... You will be surprised by what can happen in Bassment Utrecht. Your imagination is the limit. Challenge us!

Case Study: DJ collective - Zaterdag Soundsystem

Zaterdag Soundsystem (also known as Zaterdag Events) is a Hip Hop, Dancehall, Urban & Afrobeats DJ collective. They contacted us in August, looking for a great place to organize a crazy party for their artists to perform.

Few days later, our first collaboration was set-up and two weeks later, the party was already a success.  Good rhythms, good vibes, they loved it so much, that they are coming back for a second edition in October. Check the event on Facebook.

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