Workshop place
for a day

Great lightings, sound-system, a bar, a dancefloor… 
For all your courses, Bassment can host a variety of (daytime) workshops in the real nightclub conditions!

DJ class

Teaching your students to make the perfect transition or grooving some old funky LPs with your crew, Bassment Utrecht provides the perfect environment for (daily) electronic music lessons and workshops

Dance lessons

The name says it all, give dance lessons on a dancefloor capable of fitting a class of students. Bassment Utrecht provides a great lighting and environment for a large variety of dance styles.

Cocktail courses

This is your chance to rent Bassment Utrecht for a cocktail workshop. We'll provide a professional bar setting with the right tools to imagine your own teaching session and impress everyone.

case study 4: dJ workshop

In July
, we’ve been contacted by a DJ instructor that was looking for a suitable environment to give one of his DJ masterclass.  Seeing the after-class video below, the course was a real success. 


Indeed, what a better place than a real nightclub to practice mixing on turntables ? We help you, there is none.  

DJ hard, Go pro ! 

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